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5 Reasons you Need to Start Buying Lab Grown Jewelry

5 Reasons you Need to Start Buying Lab Grown Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. And why wouldn't it be? They check all the boxes, are a smarter choice, and look DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Diamonds have been around for centuries, dominated fashion industries, and continue to conquer the spotlight. However, with changing times come better alternatives, and THAT will always stay in style. So we understand the initial hesitation one might feel before making the (absolutely worthwhile) switch to lab-grown diamonds, and we're here to talk your inner skeptic into doing just that! While opinions, debates, and theories are floating around the internet about them, here are five definitive reasons why EVERYONE needs to start buying lab-grown jewelry. And YES, they're backed by science!

5 Reasons you Need to Start Buying Lab Grown Jewelry

 1. Sustainable is the new Fashionable

The fashion world is all about the marriage of style and sustainability of late, and we're HERE for it. Making better, ethical, and more conscious shopping choices is where everyone's at, and lab-grown jewelry is the perfect way to start! Lab-grown diamonds are better for the environment, have a smaller carbon footprint, and consume fewer finite resources in production. We say mining for diamonds is so 'last season.'

2. What's rare is real. SAYS WHO?

Naturally occurring diamonds are formed within the earth's surface over many, many years. This makes them rare, limited, and, therefore, very expensive. A common misconception is that a lab-grown diamond isn't real, and we're about to bust that myth. HARD. A tiny diamond seed gets planted in pure carbon, subjected to high amounts of heat and pressure, and VIOLA! Beautiful, VERY REAL, diamond babies are born! They are physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds and possess the same material composition. Still, think lab-grown diamonds aren't the real deal? We rest our case.

5 Reasons you Need to Start Buying Lab Grown Jewelry

3. Your pocket will thank you…

Let's be honest. What makes a diamond worth so much is its rarity. But that doesn't stand true anymore. We've been blessed with the gift of modern technology that has made replicating a diamond's natural environment as easy as pie! This essentially means that lab-grown diamonds are about 40%-60% less expensive than naturally mined diamonds. So now you don't have to blow holes through your wallet to keep up with all things A-La-Moda!


Lab-grown diamonds come in different styles, sizes, colors, and cuts. Stunning round solitaires, mesmerizing trillions, rose gold studded princess tennis bracelets, contemporary pieces….You name it, and we've got it! Check out our fantastic range of beautiful lab-grown jewelry and dive into a conscious shopping experience like never before!

5. You deserve it!

Treating yourself to a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry is the highest form of self-care. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! It's a beautiful way to celebrate, embrace and cherish YOU. Remember that adorning diamond jewelry that is conscious is a power move. We'll never say no to that! 

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