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Anniversary Gifting Ideas for Every Milestone

Anniversary Gifting Ideas for Every Milestone

Diamonds may have been around for centuries, but their grace and elegance will never go out of style. Today, they are being reinvented to be more sustainable. A diamond is the perfect way to say “I love you” and mark milestones. Their versatility allows them to be worn regardless of the wearer’s age, adding the finer touches and always keeping the glam going. Here are our top suggestions for jewelry for every milestone that makes it your way! 

Four-Prong Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Studs - Round



Solitaire Studs - Age 5 & up

Did the newborn you were holding in your hands yesterday, suddenly turn 5 years old without you realizing it? When did your little girl become so grown that she didn’t even cry when she got her ears pierced? A diamond is a girl’s best friend and your little one deserves to be introduced early! Her first pair of earrings has to be our Solitaire Studs. Simple and sweet, they will enhance the magical charm of a child and let the twinkle in her eyes shine bright. 

Wisteria Tennis Bracelet - Multi Stone



Tennis Bracelet - Age 18 & up

Soon she will move out and go off to college, but she will ALWAYS need a reminder of her loved ones! You must give this new adult a token to remember you by and we have the ultimate gift for you! A tennis bracelet! It is stunning and refined, a great doorway into the world of jewelry for this young adult. 

Forever Entwined Ring



Forever Entwined Ring - Age 21 & up 

She’s got a job already? As she makes her way into the professional world, she needs a gift that will empower her. Our Forever Entwined Ring will reassure her of her family and friends’ support, allowing her to always give her best. Sporting a twin-like shank and a princess-cut solitaire with a hidden halo, this ring represents how joy and sorrow always play a part in our lives. But it reassures us that there is always a light in the darkness. 

Daisy Solitaire Pendant - Multi Stone



Multi-stone Necklace - Age 25 & up

She’s ready to get married? A milestone like this demands a bold and striking present to go with it! Complete with a flower motif, our multi-stone necklace will allow a girl to bloom and grow like the vibrant arrival of spring. An ambrosial melange of femininity and resilience, this necklace celebrates the delicate nature of a woman while respecting her daunting power. We are all for supporting girl power and so should you with this necklace!

Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring - Emerald Cut



Hidden Halo Ring - Age 50 & up

Age has played hide-and-seek with the once little girl and now she has gray streaks in her hair that come with the wisdom of becoming older. After all the things your mother or aunt has done for you as you grew up, it’s time to show your gratitude. And with this ring, you can do just that! An emerald-cut solitaire surrounded by a hidden halo, it salutes the quiet strength of an older woman. This ring is dignified and commands admiration; it is the ONLY gift that will do justice to her selflessness and caring nature. 

Trilogy Drop Earrings - Marquise



Trilogy Drop Earrings - Age 75 & up 

A Diamond Jubilee for a diamond in disguise. Your grandmother, mother, or aunt has reached a pinnacle in their lives. You remember all the days of your childhood when they brought a smile to your face. Now it is your turn to do the same! The trilogy drop earrings are opulent and tasteful: a marriage of classic and fashionable. With three pear-shaped diamonds that flow as gracefully as a waterfall, these earrings bring a sense of sagacity while emphasizing her warm and comforting nature. 

A milestone is a memory that lasts a lifetime. What better way to commemorate each of them than with ethical and conscious jewelry? All our pieces at Diamond Chemistry are lab-grown and make a moral choice towards sustainability. Jewelry can be expensive, but with our options, you can make each occasion one for the books with our jewels that are not only environmentally kind but kind to your wallet too! 

While these are our handpicked options, feel free to browse our website and find some hidden gems! 

Happy Shopping!

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