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Lab-grown Diamonds for a Sustainable Future

Lab-grown Diamonds for a Sustainable Future

Building a cleaner and greener future is the next trend; we’re here to tell you how to keep up with it!  No matter how small, every action matters. So by choosing our sustainable gems - lab-grown diamonds - you’ll create an impact! Remember that although mined diamonds are reputable and the default choice, they come with a harmful history. They cause severe damage to the environment and cause vast amounts of pollution. Man-made diamonds are created in a regulated lab environment and therefore have a much smaller carbon footprint. What are you waiting for? Make the right choice and help create a more eco-friendly environment! 

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons that lab-created diamonds are better for the world…

 1.Less destruction of the Earth

The Earth is blasted, holes are dug, and tunnels are made to seek out treasured diamonds. But what we forget is the damage that we leave behind during the process of diamond mining. Ecosystems are destroyed, fauna is displaced and vegetation and soil are ruined. While we don’t realize the true impact of our actions, there will be serious consequences in the future if we don’t make some changes. With a switch to the lab-grown diamonds created in the confines of a laboratory, you won’t be causing any destruction to the Earth.

2. Saves Water 

Lab diamonds may reduce the damage to the environment, but they aren’t a one-trick pony. They also only use 18 gallons of water during production, while natural diamonds use 126 gallons. This is around 1/6th the amount of mined diamonds, which greatly saves water and controls wastage. Water is an essential resource without which life on Earth wouldn’t be possible. If we can take a small initiative to help our world, why shouldn’t we switch to the more sustainable choice? 

3.Energy Usage

We can’t lie, lab diamonds do require considerable amounts of non-renewable energy to power the machines that create diamonds. However, it is possible to make use of other renewable resources like solar energy and hydropower to limit the depletion of non-renewable energy. But mined diamonds utilize much larger amounts of non-renewable resources which augment the release of greenhouse gasses and the greenhouse effect. With all the other negative impacts of mining, lab-created diamonds are an alternative since they use lesser amounts of energy. 

4.Carbon Release

A diamond is like the child of the element carbon. Once carbon undergoes high pressure and temperatures, it turns into the magnificent gemstone we know. But naturally, the production of diamonds results in carbon release. However, the difference in emissions between natural and man-made diamonds is jarring. According to a research study conducted, they discovered that for every carat of a traditional diamond made 125 pounds of carbon and 30 pounds of Sulphur oxide are produced. On the other hand, lab diamonds just emit only 6 pounds of carbon and no Sulphur oxide. The emission of such toxic greenhouse gases is detrimental to the environment. 

5.Land Mining and Waste

Mining is not just limited to digging underground tunnels, there is also open-pit mining and offshore mining. Open-pit mining is the creation of holes in the ground to extract natural diamonds. Wondering where the uprooted land goes? There are gargantuan amounts of waste that is produced and it gets dumped wherever there is an empty place. What about the pit? Rehab plans are seldom followed through and the holes remain open. There are pits so large they can be seen from outer space! Underground mining creates tunnels that are prone to water seepage and are therefore unsafe for workers. Moreover, the earth is blasted to make these tunnels which seriously impacts the soil and the growth of plants. Lastly, in off-shore mining, machines drill into the seabed to find diamonds. The sediment displaced is just dumped back into the ocean and it takes the habitat decades to recover! As you can see, diamond mining leaves behind some horrific impacts, so it’s up to you to make a difference. 

Here at Diamond Chemistry, sustainability is of utmost importance to us. Our team is truly passionate about the environment and wants to work towards reducing the carbon footprint that diamonds leave on the planet. All our diamonds are ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable, and more affordable making us the perfect fit for helping you find your eco-friendly diamonds! 


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