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MORE is more! Maximalist jewelry is making a comeback…

From the extravagance of the Renaissance to the gender-bending styles we see today, the revolution of the fashion world has truly been magical. Along the way, many trends have come and made powerful impacts while some were lost in time. However, only a handful of them are able to make comebacks and take the world by storm again.

Maximalism is one such trend that tops the list…

What is maximalism? Is maximalist jewelry even a thing?

Well, we’re here to tell you!

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The maximalist approach to fashion follows the ‘More is More’ philosophy. It turns dressing up into a spectacle of sorts and encourages self-expression. With its over the top aesthetic, vivid color palette, and endless room for creativity, maximalism aims to break fashion boundaries, bend all norms and experiment with the unconventional. We’re sold! 

A large part of what makes maximalism such a hit today is accessorizing. Layering big, bodacious jewelry, mixing metals, and having fun with multipurpose pieces is what it’s all about. Got a big chunky necklace? Use it as a belt! Got a brooch lying around? Style it as a hair clip! Got diamond jewelry you’ve been saving for an ‘occasion’, now's the time!

The possibilities are endless and that has to be our favourite thing about this fashion movement. 

If you’re leaning towards switching it up and incorporating maximalist accessories into your everyday style, we’re here to get you started! Here are a few pieces from the DC lookbook that are bold yet beautiful, exuberant yet wearable, versatile, and very comfortable. That checks all of our boxes!

dc empress lab grown diamond ring - multistone


More the Merrier with our The Empress Ring

Adding and layering chunky diamond rings to an outfit immediately takes it up a notch. It is the easiest way to accessorize and add that little extra something to your look without overpowering it. The Empress ring can be styled solo or stacked with other rings and bands. We say, the more the merrier!

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 Make a statement with The Drop Earrings

Opting for drop earrings is a fun way to experiment with ear accessories. They've got the charm of the classic hoop, the sparkle of the diamond stud, and look like a million bucks. The Journey drop earrings in rose gold are the perfect way to dabble with the maximalist style of jewelry without feeling overwhelmed. 

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Layer away with The Nirvana Pendant

Layering necklaces and pendants are a hit in our books. It is the quickest way to glam up and look ‘put-together’ without any hassle. The Nirvana pendant looks radiant on its own, and even better when styled with multiple chains and neckpieces. Check out our collection of lab-grown diamond necklaces and experiment away!

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Stack and style with The Horizontal Tennis Bracelet

For lazy days when you still want to make a statement, stacking and styling elegant diamond bracelets is the key! We highly recommend playing with different shapes and sizes, experimenting with stones, and mixing metals. 

Now that you’re all caught up, all that’s left to do is let your creativity run wild and get shopping!

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