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Nature vs Nurture: Why Lab Grown Diamonds is a Must!

Nature vs Nurture: Why Lab Grown Diamonds is a Must!

Nature vs Nurture has been a long-standing debate for years. But when it comes to diamonds, there is no discussion! Nurture is the only way to go! Would you want to blast and drill the Earth, or would you rather protect the planet for future generations? Man-made (lab-grown) diamonds are safer, more eco-responsible alternatives to mined diamonds. Some may say that lab-grown diamonds are FAKE, but we are here to tell you that they are certified as REAL diamonds and are not synthetic. Not satisfied? Here are five reasons why lab-grown jewelry is a MUST, but first let’s break down what a man-made diamond is!

What is a lab-grown diamond? 

The difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond is impossible to tell with the naked eye. The chemical composition and physical structure of a lab-grown diamond is identical to that of a mined one. However, while mined diamonds are extracted from deep cavities in the Earth’s crust after millions of years of natural formation, lab-grown diamonds are nurtured and created in a controlled lab within weeks using technology. 

  • Shinier, brighter, and clearer
  • Mined diamonds are like the ugly duckling that became a swan. Carbon rocks need to undergo high temperatures and pressure before they can glint and sparkle as the earrings that dangle on your ears. Without the controlled setting lab-grown diamonds have, they are subject to a greater number of defects in their crystal structure. Lab-grown diamonds, however, are purer because they can be made flawless! They look shinier, brighter, and clearer, giving you the utmost glamor and grace. 

  • Color me impressed! 
  • Finding colored diamonds in the mines is a rare and tedious process. However, with lab-grown diamonds, your search for the ideal color doesn’t have to be never-ending! Our labs create unique compositions of diamonds that allow you to choose any color of natural diamonds that your heart desires. What’s more, they can be customized to give you the perfect shape and size! 

  • Trendy & Environmentally-kind
  • Mined diamonds leave a trail of destruction and damage in their wake, no matter how sparkly and beautiful they look. From destroying ecosystems, using excess fossil fuels, and fostering unjust labor, natural diamonds do not align with our goals of sustainability. The world of fashion currently demands moral responsibility and a conscience, making mined diamonds so not the vibe. Lab-grown diamonds have a bright and sparkly future by adhering to ethical practices. 

  • Cash Conscience 
  • Diamonds have always been categorized as a luxury. Buying a diamond is a milestone in itself because of its cost. Don’t fret though, lab-grown diamonds have come to your rescue! With the advancements in modern technology, diamonds can be created more easily now than ever! Lab-grown diamonds are around 40-60% cheaper than mined diamonds, allowing you to sport larger, breathtaking diamonds with a smaller budget. Mined diamonds may have drained your coffers, but lab-grown ones are opening the doors for the diamonds of your dreams!

  • Versatile & Plentiful
  • The options are ENDLESS! There is a panoply of marquise hoops, tennis necklaces, solitaire rings, and much, much more! Think of us as your personal ‘jewelry genie’. Your wish is our command! You will never run out of choices with lab-grown jewelry - the cut, color, shape, and size can all be made to fit your fancies. With the regulated lab environment, nothing is impossible and the options never run out! 

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