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Why Lab Grown?

Why Lab Grown?

The answer is simple. Lab-grown diamonds are just better. They are affordable, luxurious, timeless, and environmentally kind. A lab-grown diamond is optically, physically, and chemically identical to a mined diamond. They come from the same DNA- Carbon- only their origins differ. Lab-grown diamonds are sustainably created under controlled conditions in a lab, instead of being mined from the earth. As a result, they have the same sparkle, are valuable, are graded on color and clarity, making them the future of affordable luxury.

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Your 2023 jewelry guide: What’s in, What’s hot.

Here’s what’s in this year: climate consciousness, fine-cut jewelry, and a way to combine the two. At Diamond Chemistry, our jewels are made with love, for you and the planet. Instead of harming the environment by using mined diamonds, our lab-grown gems are carefully crafted, completely conflict-free and 100% ethical. So get ready to lead your most confident and conscientious life. Here’s our own personal 2023 jewelry guide, sure to make you shine.